A Baby Girl From Israel

After seven years the magic has happened for couple from Israel, their baby girl Tamar was born in August in New Life Georgia. The intended parents had struggled years of disappointment with failed attempts at successful pregnancy. And after much time, their prayers were finally answered when a new tiny tot came into their life. The smile on the couple’s faces as they looked on their baby girl sleeping is why the new life team strives so hard to fulfill all these parents’ dreams of becoming a mother and father.

These Intended parents had looked through various options of fertility treatments. It is very important to have an informed decision. No matter how much the impulse says to just start looking for donors and surrogacy mother online, it is best that this crucial job be handed to the capable hands of experts of an agency. Therefore, this what the couple did too, after months of researching they came upon new life center which provided the services needed by the couple.

Our personnel consulted the couple about the different infertility treatments New Life provides. They checked out our screening process, our experience and the expertise we provided. We also advised them to look through our database thoroughly and choose the candidate which would be ideal for the couple. They were informed about the various costs they would incur during the process as well as the agency fees. After finding it to be in their budget, they chose to continue with new life.

Hence, their baby girl was born. We wish them a bright future.