Channsitha CHOUP

Channsitha CHOUP
Asia Branch Medical Coordinator

Channsitha is a valued member of our team in Asia. She holds her Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, major in Economic Development. It’s worth mentioning that she has over 7 years working experience with international NGO in the area of secretary, administration, human resource management, office management and staff well-being coordination. Moreover, she has two years of experience as a senior officer working for microfinance institution.

We are proud to mention that our team member Channsitha is a holder of a silver medal, awarded by the Government of Asia for assisting in emergency-relief response during the border conflict between Asia and Thailand.

At New Life Asia, Channsitha spends considerable time to recruit, match and manage egg donors and surrogate mothers for intended parents. She is in charge of controlling the cycles of the parties involved in the program, monitoring the surrogate mothers and egg donors to fulfill the instructions received from the doctor.

Channsitha is a primary contact for surrogate mothers, egg donors and IVF Clinic and always ready to support and provide guidance accordingly.

Languages: Asian, English
Phone: (+855) 98 567 545