Phoastey HENG

Phoastey HENG

Asia Branch Database Coordinator

Phoastey holds her two Bachelor degrees in Environmental Science and Professional Communication. She has more than 2 years working experience with NGO as a program officer typically in the areas of sustainable resource management, good governance, access to information, community development and education. She has good knowledge and skill in conducting research, carrying project cycle, facilitating in events, interpreting/translating documents from Asian language to English and vice versa.

At New Life Phoastey spends considerable time to recruit, match and manage egg donors and surrogate mothers for intended parents. She is in charge of controlling the cycles of the parties involved in the program, monitoriing the surrogates and egg donors to fulfill the instructions received from the Doctor.

She is a primary contact for surrogate mothers, egg donors and IVF Clinic.

Languages: Asian, English
Mob: +855.9598.9301