South African Egg Donor made the family complete


Another complete and happy family with the help of New Life Team!!  Our team with the help of our magnificent egg donor was able to fulfill this couple’s dream of becoming parents and now they are parents to two adorably beautiful baby girls. They are especially grateful towards the egg donor who helped the couple by going through the long and complicated process that is Egg donation. And to repay that kindness they helped the donor in all aspects during the term of donation and more.

Apart from egg donor compensation, the couple made sure that the egg donor was covered for all risks and medical complications that can happen to an egg donor by egg donor insurance. The intended parents and the egg donor with the agency discussed their terms with an attorney, of the role the donor would play in the child’s life. This is especially important, so that everyone is emotional and mentally prepared beforehand.

New life is proud to announce that two beautiful baby girls were born in Thailand with the help of South African Egg Donor. The parents made the donor feel right at home, taking care of her boarding and travelling expenses and of course showing her the sights.  The Happy parents have a golden luck and of course our expertise, as they experienced great success with the first attempt itself.We want to thank our Donor for her great contribution in making this Intended Parents life dream true.