Success Rate

At New Life, we are fully aware about our roles and responsibilities towards intended parents. Therefore, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals puts emphasis on every detail of the program with utmost dedication. Although, it is difficult to give full guarantees of the success at very first attempt as the entire reproductive cycle itself has it’s uncertainties. What we guarantee are: dedicated efforts, close monitoring, quality services and valuable patient guidance.

To enhance the chances of success, New Life strictly follows the norms of choosing the surrogate mothers and egg donors from a poll of healthy candidates having a proven track record and sound credentials.

New Life gives its best efforts in meeting the highest expectations and not only achieves but mostly surpasses it. To enhance the probability of success, New Life encourages two surrogate mother program option where two healthy surrogate mothers are selected . Statistics reveals that having two surrogate mothers increases chances of success at the very first try significantly.  For more details, please e-mail us directly.