Two beautiful princess were born in New Life Ukraine

These lovely twin girls, these miracles of nature were brought in to this world by a Spanish couple in New Life Ukraine. The happy and lovely parents sent in the pictures of these beautiful babies to us. This miracle took place in the first try by the help of another scientific miracle and that is of surrogacy and egg donation.

This is done with the help of New Life Global Network, where we help people who are unable to have a baby by natural means, meat a suitable donor or a surrogate mother to bring their dreams to life. An egg donor is generally a healthy woman between the ages of 18 and 35, who donates her eggs to the couple in need of an egg. This egg is then fertilized with the sperm and a test tube baby is developed in the healthy environment of the lab by professionals. The embryo is then transferred in to the womb of the mother where the baby gets a suitable environment with all the protection, love and care it needs to grow into a beautiful being.

We are glad to share our happiness and achievement with the beautiful couple for their beautiful babies. All of us are very excited that dreams of this couple came true from the first attempt with us! They are wonderful parents and we would like to wish their new big family the long, happy and healthy life.

Our Congratulations!